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Would you like to make money by selling ebooks on a very hot and niche topic called Internet Marketing? Better still, have a ready-to-sell ebook store using a very popular blogging platform called Wordpress.

Blogging and social networking is the in-thing nowadays for people to connect and share information and news. Bloggers and online sellers like to use Wordpress because it is easy to set up and there is a huge community of people out there who loves Wordpress and supports it by creating new themes and plugins everyday to make websites or blog sites nicer, more user-friendly and with more functions.

Search engines love blogs because they tend to get updated regularly and since your Wordpress eStore is already SEO optimized for the search engines, your Wordpress website or eStore can get indexed faster and ranked better.


The Wordpress INTERNET MARKETING Ebook Store

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Features of this Wordpress Ebook Store:

1)    This eStore is stocked with 20 of the latest ebooks focusing on the Internet Marketing niche market, complete with shopping cart functions which lets you change the ebooks, add more ebooks, change prices and currencies, upload ebook ecovers, sales tracking, etc.

Wordpress eBook Store ebooks


2)    7 Affiliate banners of 3 different sizes - 468x60 px, 260x125 px, 125x125 px - can be put up to earn you commissions from selling other people's books. You can also sell this advertising space to interested advertisers.

Wordpress eBook Store banners sectionWordpress eBook Store banner


3)    40+ Web 2.0 Social Networking Sites icons to let you connect with your friends and customers thus bringing your website more traffic, sales and commissions.

Wordpress eBook Store web 2.0 social network icons


4)    We have already added a popular Clickbank Internet Marketing product but of course you can change it to any other product from Clickbank or from any other affiliate programmes.

Wordpress eBook Store Clickbank product


5)    A YouTube video on Internet Marketing has also been included and you are free to change it to any video that you prefer. This can be used to show a series of Internet Marketing lessons, thereby inviting your viewers to come back to your website week after week.


Wordpress eBook Store YouTube video


6)    You can replace the 250 x 250 square Google Adsense Text Ad Unit in the eStore Side Bar with your own Adsense codes, earning you another passive income.

Wordpress eBook Store Google Adsense Text Ad


7)   This Wordpress eStore has been installed with a very professional theme and this theme comes with an Admin Panel for easy control of the display items on your eStore. You can change the logo, switch on or off those banner items, decide what items to display in your eStore Side Bar and Footer sections.

8)    It also has a rotating SLIDER DISPLAY that can showcase 4 of your popular ebooks.

Wordpress eBook Store Slider Display


9)    Another feature is the PORTFOLIO which lets you display up to 10 ebooks of your choice.

 Wordpress eBook Store Portfolio


10)    The FEATURED section in the Side Bar highlights up to 10 of your favorite ebooks.

Wordpress eBook Store Featured Section


11)    Another CONTENT FEATURED section displays 3 ebooks from your selected ebook category. Unlike normal ebookstore formats, this Wordpress theme breaks up the monotony of a rigid display of ebooks and makes your eStore more browser friendly and more interesting.

Wordpress eBook Store Content Featured Section

12)   There is also a prominent Contact Us form in the Footer section for your website viewers to get in touch with you if they have any enquiries. An About Us section lets you describe yourself or your ebook business and you can even include your Avatar or Logo.

Wordpress eBook Store Contact Us form


13)    You can organize and categorize your ebooks in your eStore as follows:

Wordpress eBook Store categories

 A 21-page Installation Guide is included in this package.


So what you get is a Wordpress Ebook Store that runs on auto-pilot once it is installed. All ebook sales are taken care of by the shopping cart and customers get their ebook downloads straight after payment.

Bring your digital book marketing to the next level!

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To your online success!


NOTE: This item does not include website installation, domain name or web-hosting. You can use your own domain name and hosting. If you need a good hosting plan that is cheap and reliable, or need an Installation Service which can be provided for a $10 fee, please visit: http://ebooksgala.com/dnwh

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