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Internet Marketing Ebookstore

Internet Marketing EbookstoreWould you like to make money by selling ebooks on a very hot and niche topic called Internet Marketing? Better still, have a ready-to-sell ebook store using a very popular blogging platform called WordPress.

Blogging and social networking is the in-thing nowadays for people to connect and share information and news. Bloggers and online sellers like to use WordPress because it is easy to set up and there is a huge community of people out there who loves WordPress and supports it by creating new themes and plugins everyday to make websites or blog sites nicer, more user-friendly and with more functions.

Search engines love blogs because they tend to get updated regularly and since your WordPress eStore is already SEO optimized for the search engines, your WordPress website or eStore can get indexed faster and ranked better.

Features of this WordPress Ebook Store:

This eStore is stocked with 20 of the latest ebooks focusing on the Internet Marketing niche market, complete with shopping cart functions which lets you change the ebooks, add more ebooks, change prices and currencies, upload ebook ecovers, sales tracking, etc. Read more